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July 05,2020

The Setouchi region is Japan’s largest inland sea. Dotted with countless small islands, its beloved for its beautiful island view. Komogakushi Onsel Hotel Sanyo Club sits at the heart of the Seto Inland Sea. Straddled between Hiroshima and Ehime Prefectures, there are no bridges connected to the small island home of this hotel, a secluded escape called “Iwagi Island”. 

 At Komogakushi Onsen Hotel you’ll find hot springs sourced exclusively from their private, natural spring over 1,200 meters underground. While the name may be daunting, the meaning comes from an old story of a statue of Buddha that washed up nearby, enwrapped in “komo”, a woven mat once made with komo (wild rice) leaves, but now usually made with straw. This statue of Buddha is still kept and revered at Iwagi Island’s Shounji Temple.

The sodium-calcium chloride spring is drawn from 1,200 meters underground at temperatures of 31.9℃. The waters are acclaimed for their beautifying properties, having a smooth and moisturizing feel that rejuvenates the skin. At the hotel there are two onsen facilities, including the large men’s and women’s baths at “Kouki no Yu”, as well as “Kietsu no Yu” the private open air bath for reserve in a separate building.

“Kouki no Yu” Large Baths (Onsen Building, Mountain-View Side)

Both the men’s and women’s onsen are furnished with wood baths made of Japanese cypress. The fragrance of the natural cypress wood is said to sooth the soul. The waters are heated at a slightly slower temperature so guests can enjoy a longer soak in comfort.  


– 17:00~22:00 (reception closes at 21:00)
– Closed on Wednesdays


– Adults (and children middle school aged and up): ¥900
– Children (ages 5 – elementary school aged): ¥600

– Small Children: Free

*FREE for hotel guests
*Towels available at a service charge. Shampoo, Rinse, Body Soap and Dryers are Provided.

Akatsuki Rotenburo “Kietsu no Yu” (Separate Building, Ocean-View Side)

Bathe in the wide open air while enjoying the view. Advanced reservation required.
On a clear day, guests can enjoy a full 180-degree panorama of the isles that outlooks as far as Shinhama. 

Full Private Rental Fee(Full Bath/45 mins)

Visitors: ¥3,500

*Reservations are required at least one day in advance.
*Towels available at a service charge. Shampoo, Rinse, Body Soap, Hair Dryer Provided. 

Come to Komogakushi Onsen Hotel for a time away in luxury to soothe the mind and soul. 

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