Traveling with Pets

We are one of the few hotels along the Shimanami Kaido/Nishiseto Expressway that welcomes guests traveling with pets.
We hope you and your furry friends have an amazing stay with us!

Hotel walking area

Small, medium and large size dogs, birds, rabbits etc. are all allowed at the hotel.
We kindly ask our guests to refrain from bringing pets that pose a danger to other guests.

  • Pets are welcome to join guests in the lobby, individual guestrooms, and designated pet areas.
  • Pet accompanied guest rooms are all Western-style rooms, located on a dedicated pet floor.
  • Guests are welcome to take their pets off leash when in their personal guestroom.
  • Please keep smaller pets within their cage.
  • We kindly ask guests to prohibit pets from marking or relieving themselves on room property.
  • Please note there will be an additional service charge in the case the room is soiled or damaged during your stay
  • Please note that we will check all accompanied pets at Check In. We kindle ask for your cooperation.
  • Pets are not permitted in the hot springs facilities under any circumstance. There is an additional, dedicated dog shower room available for use.
  • Pets are expected to stay in the guestroom during meal times. Please prepare enough meals for your pet in advance.
  • Please prepare all current proofs of rabies and similar vaccinations upon Check In.
  • We kindly ask for your cooperation in ensuring that pets are potty trained and that they refrain from excess barking, chewing or scratching of property.

If you have any questions please inquire with us.Upon reservation, a hotel staff member may call to confirm your reservation details.

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