About Booking Plans

Standard Kaiseki Course

Komogakushi’s finest Kaiseki course, featuring seasonal fish from Setouchi.

Beef Kaiseki Course Plan

Perfect for patrons who prefer less seafood.
The course features mostly beef dishes, but does also include sides of sashimi and one fish-based dish.

Light Kaiseki Course

With our prized Setouchi fish as centerpiece,
This plan features upgraded ingredients with smaller portions.

Upgrade Kaiseki Course

With our prized Setouchi fish as centerpiece,
Each dish is elevated with finer ingredients, without changing the standard portion size.

Available by phone reservation only, guests are welcome to order sashimi platters or special requests in addition to our standard course plans.
(Please note this may be subject to availability during peak season or current supply that day)
We ask that guests requesting corporate or private events speak with a staff member to confirm pricing and options.

We offer breakfast-only, dinner-only and no meal plans for our hotel guests.
Reservations are available online or directly by phone.

For Guests with Pets

Each plan has an accompanied pet plan option available.
These plans are listed separately from non-pet plans when reserving online.Please note if you do not indicate an accompanied pet plan, we cannot allow your pet to join.

You can complete hotel reservations via the following websites:

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