Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an elevator available?
  • There is no elevator available inside the hotel. Please note if you require extra assistance getting around. Guests who would like to request a room on the lower floors are welcome to inquire with the hotel (subject to availability).
  • Is the hotel accessible by car? Are there ferries available that load cars?
  • There are drive-on ferries available in both directions for guests traveling by car.
    →Please see further details
  • Are full bathrooms available in each room?
  • Each guestroom includes a full bath, shower and bidet toilet. Hot springs are only available in the separate hot springs/open air bath facilities. 
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Small, medium and large size dogs, birds, rabbits etc. are all allowed at the hotel. We kindly ask our guests to refrain from bringing pets that pose a danger to other guests.
    →Please see further details
  • Are pets allowed in the hot springs area?
  • Pets are not allowed inside the hot springs. There is a separate shower room for dogs available.
  • Is there a hotel shuttle?
  • Shuttle service is available.
    →Please see further details
  • May I take a bike to the hotel?
  • We welcome guests visiting by bike as well. There is covered bike parking available for guests to use.  
    ※Please inquire if you would like to request air for your tires or water refills
  • I would like to visit by personal/private boat. Is there a pier available?
  • We welcome guests coming by yacht or private boat. A pier is also available for guests who would like to fish during their stay. 
    →Please see further details
  • How big is the hotel?
  • The hotel is made of four buildings, including the main building, annex, hot springs, and open air baths. They are all easily accessible on foot. 
    →Please see further details
  • Is there a rotenburo (open-air bath) to use?
  • Please use the separate “Akatsuki Rotemburo”. (Service fee applies. Reservation required at least one day in advance.
    →Please see further details
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