The Hotel Shop

The Hotel Shop by the Front Desk

The hotel shop features all original souvenirs, local goods, alcohol and snacks for sale. Available for shipping to other areas of Japan (service fee applies)

Komogakushi Original Goods

Yuzu Ponzu

A luxurious ponzu sauce made with pure yuzu citrus. Refined with the rich flavor of kombu, this ponzu becomes the highlight of any meal. Our ponzu sauce was made painstakingly for you to enjoy.

“Komogakushi” Sake, 40% Polished Rice

A craft sake made specially by a local brewery in Ehime Prefecture, known and loved for its longstanding brewing tradition since its founding in 1916. The sake is made with pure rain water from a spring found 30 meters underneath the sacred Mt. Izushi. Using only the finest methods passed down by years of tradition, each rice grain was brewed lovingly by the esteemed sake master Mori Ikata. The slow brewing process, along with dedication for authentic, craft taste, makes for this sake’s neat and crisp finish. We hope you’ll enjoy the taste of our small batch, craft sake.

Dashi Soy Sauce

This luxurious soy sauce features a rich blend of kombu and bonito flakes with absolutely no additives. It pairs perfectly with sashimi, as a dressing, or simply with an egg on rice. 
We hope you enjoy its rich and unique taste.

Komogakushi Onsen Soap

A clean, refreshing finish! Our custom Komogakushi Onsen Soap features the hot spring properties you know and love. Feel free to use this all-in-one soap on your face, body and hair! Now you can enjoy the beautifying goodness of the hot springs from the comforts of your home.

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